find facebook pixel id

How to Find a Facebook Pixel ID [Updated for Latest Version]

Getting more eyes on your content, videos, and courses can help boost sales and build brand awareness. Using Facebook ads to get more eyes on your stuff is a quick way to get started. But you keep hearing about this Facebook Pixel and how it’s necessary to be able to see what people are doing … Read more

add facebook pixel to wordpress

How to Add Facebook Pixel to WordPress [Updated for the New Facebook]

What Is the Facebook Pixel? The Facebook Pixel is a small, but powerful piece of code that gives you analytics about your WordPress (or any other) website. Here are a few things the Facebook Pixel makes possible: It’s similar to Google Analytics, but more specifically helps you optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns. How to Create … Read more

podia review

Podia Review 2022: Is It Worth the Money? [+ Free Trial]

Podia might be considered the “new kid on the block” when it comes to online course platforms, but it is a powerful new kid. It used to be that Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi were the main choices, but with new options coming on the market there are now many more to choose from. Since I … Read more

American Signature Furniture marketing fail

Marketing Fail: American Signature Furniture AdWords Audit [+ New Video]

This morning I was searching on my phone for Patio Furniture. Granted, I don’t have a patio, nor do I need any patio furniture. But I’ve heard a lot of people talk about the various kinds of patio furniture there are lately – such as those big leaf-shaped umbrellas, chairs that fold 100 different ways, and huge tables that … Read more

How to add Google Analytics to Podia

How to Add Google Analytics to Podia [Updated for 2020]

Podia is a great platform to sell your courses, but if you’re not using Google Analytics to track website visitors you are missing out. Adding your tracking code allows you to see what people are doing on the site, who purchased and where they came from, etc. But how do you add the Google Analytics … Read more

How to Add Someone as a Partner to Your Facebook Ads Account

When you start working with a marketing agency or someone who has a business manager account, you’re going to need to give them access to your facebook ads account. But it’s not just as simple as giving access to one person like your normally would with your ad account. Here is how you can give … Read more