Digital Marketing Services

We take a holistic approach to digital marketing, meaning we look at your entire digital footprint and see where the gaps exist, helping you determine what services you actually need to focus on, as opposed to what might seem like the right thing to do.

Connect with your customers using digital marketing

While you’re waiting for your campaigns to be set up, we put together a full website audit, giving you actionable items to work on up front in terms of improving your marketing and website.

While we offer more options to round out our holistic approach, Facebook ads, Paid Search (Google Ads) are our core services.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook Advertising is not only the “hot” shiny marketing strategy of the moment, it’s one of the most effective areas of digital marketing right now.

With Facebook and Instagram ads you can target based on a variety of interests and audiences, allowing you to create very detailed ads for specific audiences, instead of putting out your campaign on a platform and hoping it reaches the right people.

Here are a few examples of people you can target:

  • Your email list
  • Your current or past customers
  • Those interested in your competitors
  • People who are similar to your current or past customers, based on their likes, online activity, demographics, and more.

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Paid Search & Display (Google & Bing)

Paid search, commonly known as PPC, pay-per-click, search engine marketing, SEM – among others – helps you stand out and rise to the top of a search engine on a site like Google and Bing.

Search Engine Marketing is a great way to get your offer in front of people who are looking for your service or product – making them a more qualified lead than say, a newspaper, radio, or even a Spotify ad. Other media has its place, but search engine marketing is great because visitors are qualifying themselves. 

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