How to Add Facebook Pixel to LeadPages [Updated for the New Version]

What Is Facebook Pixel? The Facebook Pixel is a small, but powerful piece of code that gives you analytics about your Leadpages (or any other) page. Here are a few things the Facebook Pixel makes possible: Remarketing – showing ads to people who have visited your website, but haven’t taken action yet (remarketing) Track conversions … Read more

how to add someone as an admin on facebook

How to Quickly Add an Admin to Your Facebook Page [& What They’ll Have Access To]

Adding/Updating Page Admins on Facebook

In the age of an ever-growing requirement for your business to have a social media presence, you will likely be giving access to someone on your team to post on your page and create ads for you.

With Facebook, it’s really easy to add and remove people from being an admin (or other roles) on your page. Here are the steps to follow to update your current page roles:

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local business marketing tips

3 Small Business Marketing Strategies to Gain Visibility Online

Digital marketing is a real challenge for many local businesses. There are many moving pieces, both online and offline, and digital marketing seems to change weekly, if not daily. You can quickly become overwhelmed as a small business owner trying to do this yourself. Why not implement just a few of them at first, and … Read more

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3 Ways Financial Advisors Can Bring in More Online Leads

It’s quite common for financial planners to have a poor digital presence and to not capitalize on the opportunities that the internet presents them with.

Not only that, but there is so much competition from the “big names” like Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, etc.

So how do you stand out?

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Using AdWords ValueTrack Parameters

AdWords ValueTrack Parameters [List]: UTM Codes Upgraded

adwords valuetrack parameters

AdWords ValueTrack Parameters

AdWords ValueTrack parameters are essentially an upgraded version of your typical UTM codes. They dynamically insert values into the URLs and allow you to track more pieces of your campaign. As opposed to just a campaign, source, and term, you can track the ad the visitor clicked on or the exact device they’re using.

But when setting up a parameter template for an entire campaign, you don’t want to create separate UTM codes for each thing. This is where Google can really help.

These codes can be added to the ValueTrack template by attaching them to a dynamic landing page code as such:


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Marketing Fail Merrill Lynch PPC Campaign

Marketing Fail: Merrill Lynch PPC Audit [+ Video Review]

There are many ways to screw up an AdWords or search engine marketing campaign. You can leave things out, put the wrong kind of information there, not set up tracking, and a million other things. I wanted to prove to you that no campaign is perfect, and every business needs to be iterating on their … Read more