Google Ads & Paid Search

Ranking high for your top keywords and service offerings is a big deal in terms of gaining market share. But what happens if you have a small site and just aren’t going to be up there with the “big names” anytime soon?

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That’s where paid search comes in.

Sure, it costs money, but if you’re looking to get found for specific terms and key phrases, the return on investment could be well worth the cost.

We’ve been running paid ads for over 6 years and have gotten pretty good at it.

Whether you’re looking to grow your customer base and get sales, or just promote some content and build brand awareness, we can help get you results you’re looking for.

Paid Search Ads Services & Pricing

Paid Search Audit

A great option for businesses who
want to run their own campaigns,
but need a little jumpstart to get
their campaigns performing better.


  • Video Audit of Campaigns
  • Includes up to 10 campaigns
  • PDF of Recommendations
  • Includes Audit of Landing Pages

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Done-For-You Google/Bing Ads

Done-for-you ads are a great option
for business owners who are ready
to take things to the next level,
but find it hard to learn all the bells
and whistles paid search has to offer.

Starting at $1,500/mo

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Retargeting
  • Split Testing to Maximize ROI
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Real-Time Analytics Dashboard
  • Full Website Audit

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Paid search ads allow you to show up for your main product and services keywords, getting your business in front of the right customers at the moment they’re searching for you. And with Display advertising, we can retarget your current or past customers, website visitors, and more to keep your business top of mind.

Let’s jump on a call and talk through a marketing strategy for your business.