google ads campaigns end dates

Marketing Fail: Forgetting to Set Campaign End Dates

A monumental Super Bowl 50 took place in February – congrats to the Broncos and Peyton Manning! The Super Bowl is a great time for restaurants to make some extra cash selling buffalo wings and other great finger foods because it’s hard to find a party for the game that doesn’t have some great snacks and … Read more

Marketing Fail Merrill Lynch PPC Campaign

Marketing Fail: Merrill Lynch PPC Audit [+ Video Review]

There are many ways to screw up an AdWords or search engine marketing campaign. You can leave things out, put the wrong kind of information there, not set up tracking, and a million other things. I wanted to prove to you that no campaign is perfect, and every business needs to be iterating on their … Read more

Improving Facebook Ads - Chris Guillebeau example

Facebook Ads Audit: Chris Guillebeau [+ Video]

Improving Facebook Ads - Chris Guillebeau example

Before I begin, I would like to say that everyone has room for improvement in their marketing campaigns – every single one of us – and I recognize that I am in no way perfect when it comes to digital marketing. These posts were created simply to bring to light some of the ways we can improve our online ad campaigns and make the internet a more usable place. This in no way reflects how well or poorly a business is doing, simply that we are all human. Okay, carry on. 🙂

I was scrolling through Facebook on the train to work this morning and found an example of a Facebook ad that looks great up front – it’s very clean and simple, yet at the same time it’s eye-catching. However, the once the visitor clicks on the ad, they page they are sent to has some opportunity for improvement.

Chris Guillebeau is someone I admire for being able to essentially “travel hack” his way around the world, so I really wanted this to be a great example of a mobile ad campaign. And it is for the most part – but as with many mobile ads, it does have it’s flaws.

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